Paleolithic rock shelter.

Monday, December 02, 2013

Chilham to Wye North Downs Way

The start Mountain Street

The lake at Chilham castle

Japanese Hog weed?

The nice bit starts here.

This horse insisted this was his "good"side.

Wern with Canterbury Catherdral in the background,only you cant see it through the mist.

A sheep's skull we did wonder if Michelle would like it.

Tickeld Tout under new ownership,not quite as good as last time we called.

A Javelin up train non stop,our train was very cheap(!)
RV@Chilham car park and did the usual walk through the kings wood
not warm,no wind,very little sun and muddy.Its the fourth time I've exerted myself in six days @ 38 miles total.So Now I'm resting.
3 of us 9 miles

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