Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, December 04, 2013


Due to bad instructions on where the RV point was from the youngest member , and leader for the day we had a slight delay in starting
Six of us met up on the side of Faversham Creek near the brewery and then following the footpath then roadway we walked past the brewery and headed south , past the really lovely Almshouses where they were carrying out major clean up of the chapel
Crossing over the A2 we continued South to the lovely church at Ospringe then onto Water Lane, then to Painters Forstal and the Alma public house
From here we kept were we could to the footpaths and along side Square Wood. It was here that the photographer managed to wander off the footpath and getting totally lost . Luckily for mobile phones he was soon found by his young cousin
Following a set route through Whitehall and then passed Brogdale Farm on on back into Faversham for a quick cuppa and then a short stroll to the RV point
A really nice walk with great company

 Faversham Creek at start of walk
 Davington Church
 Out of sequence this is near Ospringe
 Faversham Creek note water level

 At Ospringe on A2
 Ospringe Church in distance

 Ospringe Church

Faverham Creek at end note water level

Will add better photos from JC later

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