Paleolithic rock shelter.

Friday, January 31, 2014

No Walking

Sorry no walk again this week due to yet another day of heavy rain Much more of this and I think we will need to buy a boat Just to stop you being bored here are just a few photos taken at Queenborough a few days ago

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


We were all rather fed up with not being able to get out recently due to bad weather we were determined to brave the rain and go on a walk wherever we could . After leaving home in the rain six of us met up at Shorne Country Park and luck was with us in that it had stopped raining by the time we met in the car park
Unfortunately due to the water soaked ground we had to alter our route to miss as mud as we could and walk in the road most of the way
Leaving the country park we headed north through to Higham where we deviated a little to look at Higham village church  Then skirting the woods we made oour way to Gads Hill , home of Charles Dickens . Then a walk via a very muddy path back to Shorne . Not a very exciting walk but nice to be in the fresh air with good company
Photos to be added soon

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Herne Bay

Happy Birthday JB, one of the founder members

After about 2 weeks of horrendous weather four of us had gone stir crazy so were determined to go for some form of walk come hell or high water as they say
The ground everywhere was waterlogged so we were very limited options as where to go that would be dry underfoot , for this reason we chose a walk in the Herne Bay area
We parked up in the car park at Hampton pier then keeping along the edge of the beach heading in the general direction of Herne Bay
Although it was overcast the sun was trying to show its face and made a very peasant day to be retired ., following the shore line we passed the beach huts shown in the photos and were pleased that they had all survived the recent high winds .
Before too long we came to the pier and noticing that work was taking place on the pier decided to be nosey and took a stroll along the pier and enjoy the views
Then slowly we made our way along the front towards Reculver , until we simply ran out of a decent path .
It was at this point we debated whether to try walking over the muddy cliffs or retrace our steps , being old and wise we took the latter option , making sure to find a place for a cuppa on our way back to the car

 Just leaving Hampton Pier

 Herne Bay Pier

 On the pier

 Oldest walker with new friend he did not know had crept aboard for a lift

 Close view of new friend

 Nearing Reculver
 Just turned round and heading back to Herne Bay
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