Paleolithic rock shelter.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Reculver Heading East

Once again due to the weather we had to change the day of our walk and where we went as all the fields and paths are more like swimming pools than good old English soil
Just four of us met up at the car park in Reculver and simply set off east following the coast , Luckily the wind was SW so off our backs and the sea fairly calm . We see a large number of Brent geese on a few occassions simply resting just off the coast There is not a lot to report as it was a matter of following the coast , we carried on just past Minnis Bay where we walked up to the top of the cliffs , Turned back towards Reculver for a short while to a very welcome stop at the Minnis Cafe . Then back to the coastal path to Reculver As luck would have it just before we got back to ou cars the heavens opened and we we caught in a massive downpour of hailstones . The photos below hopefully show the storm clouds we were walking into
Still it was great to get out in the fresh air , about 3 1/2 hrs

The mortar in the Roman wall to the left of FRED has been repaired by CCC with the wrong colour mix.Red tiles were ground and added to the mix to give a pink hue  (Your Dear Leader)


Walking back into these rain/hailstone clouds

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