Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Todays mystery tour began at Hollingbourne. For some of us the rendezvous point was the church but for ‘one of our number’ it was the Dirty Habit pub. The confusion led to a delay in our start which was further hampered when the same ‘one of our number’ revealed that he had forgotten his boots. With comments such as ‘what the heck!’ we set off for the Dirty Habit. We followed the North Downs Way eastward until we hit the track uphill through High Wood and Salisbury Wood. Crossing Ringlestone Road we continued on the track called Drakes Lane. We remained on the planned route past the World War2 bolt hole built for Churchill’s Secret Army. Well hidden, the signs of telecommunications which were evident on the trees on our last visit appear to have been removed. Sadly the path is well used by off roaders. As a result of their activities, it appears that the meeting point for these vehicles has created a lake of mud. At this point instead of taking the left hand path as planned we carried on. Further along the path the same ‘one of our number’ ended up by washing his sock to the mud when his shoe got stuck in the quagmire. A little further on a log was found which enabled us to take luncheon. This included a tasty piece of bread pudding and allowed the ‘senior’ member of the group to recover from his attempt to perform gymnastics in the undergrowth. Continuing along the path we eventually emerged at Bedmonton Manor Farm. Turning right we headed towards Bedmonton before taking a footpath northwards towards the Warren and the miniature railway. Upon reaching the road outside the Warren we realised the error we had made and headed back to Hollingbourne along the road without any further mishap.

The trip took four of us three and a quarter hours and covered 7.5 miles, arriving back just before the rain began.

View south from part the way up Hollingbourne Hill

Entrance to secret WW2 bunker

Vent from secret WW2 bunker

Exit from WW" "secret bunker"

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