Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

LINTON Rectangular Walk.

RV@ Linton church and west along the ridge,and then up to heath road and across to Gordon Lane.
Down into Loose which was recovering from the excessive rainfall.We stopped by the Chequers for our coffee break and then along to Boughton Quarry,where the footpath was closed owing to subsidence.
After some muttering we decided to brave it and carried on through the mud and water.
Further along the path was again close owing to water about a foot deep,again we carried on.
At Brishing lane we really had no option but to divert and we trespassed through the farm where my
fluency in Polish was a great help.At the Cock Inn we crossed and made our muddy way to Boughton Mon church where we watched multipe buzzards and Deer.Then back along the ridge to the car park.
Maybe 7 or 8 miles? 6 of us stalwarts.Lots of mud to scrape off.
There might be some pictures later if you fold your arms and sit up straight-OK?
Climbed over this stuff a few times,wonder what it means?

This is a closed footpath

This is another closed footpath

The Boughton Monchelsea park with Deer and Buzzards.

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