Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014


On a lovely bright spring day 4 of us met up at the correct RV point by Oare creek then had to wait ages for our ex director of education who seems incapable of reading instructions and had gone to the wrong creek
Eventually he turned up and we slowly strolled along the side of Oare creek towards the river Swale . We had agreed this was to be a slow walk with time to watch the wild life and take photos , even though I had forgotten to put a charged battery in my camera
With this in mind I did not take as many photos as I would have liked , the ex headmaster will add some of his later to make up for it .
We strolled very slowly along the side of the creek at times watching a lovely Harrier, pair of Kestrals. Little Egret, our first Swallow of the year plus various ducks
Once we reached the Swale we simply followed the bank Eastwards past the old Gunpowder factory , then on to Ludenham church were we stopped for a while before heading back the  RV point
A really great relaxing walk

Oare Creek at start of walk

At Old Gunpowder Factory Where They Loaded Gunpowder Onto Barges

St Marys Church Ludenham

the following by a real photographer Mr GY

this last one out of order by RY

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