Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014



This looks like the Badgers have been at work?

I tend to feel like this a lot of the time now.

Following dire warnings of Killer Pollution and Smog,and being urged not to go outdoors and do anything physical,we met up for a hike.
Leeds Church,tangentially through the Castle grounds,Broomfield,Water Lane etc .A slight breeze(refreshing)but we had to walk briskly as one had to be back for 14:00 at Leeds.
A bit muddy in places from the continuous winter rain,but a quite nice sunny day.
We arrived in Lenham with 20 mins to spare until the bus came,then a quick ride back to Hollingbourne and then up the hill to the car park.All a bit exhausting even though it was only  6.5 miles.
for 7 of us

High Res map click to enlarge,They are going to stop printing OS maps!
A Badgers Sett showing out a bit.

I thought that was a chalk face on the escarpment but its a field of Oilseed.

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