Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


RV@Chartham village hall with a coffee before starting the walk,Milk tanker overturned at M20/A20 Jcn causing traffic chaos,but we worked around it OK.
Along the Great Stour with Highland Cattle and Donkeys and Egrets a bit drizzly,no one about much
Into Canterbury and , at the Saffron Restaurant,an English Breakfast.
Then to the Cathedral where the magic password was uttered saving us £28 entrance fees.
A good look around all the buildings and the  environs .Quite busy with Enfants Francaise,
A stop at a bakers for some excellent hand-grenade sized scones
On the drive home another RTC with an LGV and a couple of cars blocking the road,but when the Police saw it was me,they saluted and  waved us through.Then behind an OAP at 35mph for a few miles
Then RTB and scones and a pot of tea.
I was awarded this arrangement as Bulshitter of the Year
Highland Cattle -very tasty.
Where Thomas Becket was smote on the head whereupon his brains did splatter
Get off the grass innit?

We Crept in to the Crypt
Oliver Cromwell had a hissy fit and smashed the stained glass windows.


after a few days of heavy rain we were worried were not going to make a walk this week but although very overcast the forecast was no rain so six of us met up in Borden to do a walk we have done many times
Within minutes of setting off along a very muddy footpath heading south our leader decided to have a lay down in the mud just to prove how slippery it was
We carried on through the local country park but brushing against all the overgrown greenery we very quickly got very wet
Eventually we came into Oade Street by the Craft Centre . , then a short section along a busy road until we found the footpath . Along this through fields with rape seed just about to bloom , along side the M2 , eventually arriving at Bredgar Park A few minutes later we arrived at the Bredgar Farm Shop for a welcome sit down and a cup of whatever took our fancy .
We did eventually force ourselves to leave and headed back to Bordon
No walk planned for next week as our leader had a leave of absence , so three of us are planning a trip to Kew to do a bit of Family Tree research
Borden Wildlife Park

Borden Park

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Isn't this so green and inviting,or would you rather watch TV?

I know we went to Herne,somewhere with which I am unfamiliar.Its down the Thanet way sort of.
A nice looking church ,which a couple of us tried to climb ,but were sent back down.
Across fields,through muddy woods,a couple of inattentive chaps wandered off by themselves and had to be rescued (This has happened before)A bit of a grey dull day,but nice and warm.
It was worth the 60 mile round trip.and nice not to be the pathfinder.
Thunder coming soon,try this link , bookmark it for later LIGHTNING DISPLAY

I think there were 7 of us, mileage(a guess)6 miles.
Now you've read this you can go and do something really interesting

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Kent Battle of Britian Museum Hawkinge

Worth a visit get down there.CLICK FOR INFO.
The cafe verandah
We regularly climbed down here before we got common sense.
Shakespeare Beach Dover Western docks almost but not quite inaccessible.
We did start to walk along from Samphire Hoe once but it looked dodgy
OK what do we do now?
I understand there may be some Freudian symbolism here

Checked at a Red,the driver acknowledged our request for a hoot.
We met at the Hilltop Cafe Capel le Ferne(worth a visit)and had Sausage,Toast,Egg,Beans,Tomato,Bacon and a mug of tea.
We then went to the Battle of Britain Museum at Hawkinge and had a good look around and then a mug of tea and a slice of Victoria Sponge from the tea tent.Having been a founder member I was greeted with disrespect (unsurprising really)Well worth a visit if you can get time.
We went to Aycliffe west of Dover Docks,parked and crossed the rail line on to Shakespeare Beach
which is not easily accessible ,hence only two people on it fishing.
So,not much walking but a very interesting and fulfilling day.