Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


after a few days of heavy rain we were worried were not going to make a walk this week but although very overcast the forecast was no rain so six of us met up in Borden to do a walk we have done many times
Within minutes of setting off along a very muddy footpath heading south our leader decided to have a lay down in the mud just to prove how slippery it was
We carried on through the local country park but brushing against all the overgrown greenery we very quickly got very wet
Eventually we came into Oade Street by the Craft Centre . , then a short section along a busy road until we found the footpath . Along this through fields with rape seed just about to bloom , along side the M2 , eventually arriving at Bredgar Park A few minutes later we arrived at the Bredgar Farm Shop for a welcome sit down and a cup of whatever took our fancy .
We did eventually force ourselves to leave and headed back to Bordon
No walk planned for next week as our leader had a leave of absence , so three of us are planning a trip to Kew to do a bit of Family Tree research
Borden Wildlife Park

Borden Park

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