Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Isn't this so green and inviting,or would you rather watch TV?

I know we went to Herne,somewhere with which I am unfamiliar.Its down the Thanet way sort of.
A nice looking church ,which a couple of us tried to climb ,but were sent back down.
Across fields,through muddy woods,a couple of inattentive chaps wandered off by themselves and had to be rescued (This has happened before)A bit of a grey dull day,but nice and warm.
It was worth the 60 mile round trip.and nice not to be the pathfinder.
Thunder coming soon,try this link , bookmark it for later LIGHTNING DISPLAY

I think there were 7 of us, mileage(a guess)6 miles.
Now you've read this you can go and do something really interesting

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