Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Four of us met up on an lovely sunny  day at Selling Station Where we crossed over the rail bridge but stopped to admire the view over a typical Kent countryside
Immediately we entered a very overgrown footpath that ran along side the railway line . It was obvious that the path had not been used for ages .Our leader did try to use his new toy to clear a path but I think nature won Soon we came to Selling Road then into a large apple plantation and out the other side across the lane into Goulds Wood . The path through the woods was more overgrown than the public footpath Finally we passed the Saw Mill to Forresters Lodge Farm . On through the farm passed the ever watchful geese until we got next to the A2 where we stopped for our coffee break .  . Wee pressed on through Arnolds Wood to Dunkirk Rd Into Carrislocks Wood and at the Saw Mill we rejoined the path we started on and struggled on forcing a passage through the overgrowth and made it back to the starting point Four of us and about 3 hours maybe a bit less all very enjoyable
First Of Many Overgrown Paths

Apples On Their Way

You Can Just See Pigs That Are Allowed To Roam The Woods

Isle Of Sheppy In The Distance

Enjoying The View

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