Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


six of us met up at the Teston Country Park car park by the side of the river . With one eye on the very cloudy sky we set off along the side of the river Medway in the general direction of Maidstone Past the lovely Teston bridge Sorry if photos are a bit blurry the auto focus was not working , then past Barming bridge until we got to the bridge at East Farleigh . Here we had to cross the bridge and proceed up a very steep hill to the local church There we carried along the road until we found the footpath signs that led us to West Farleigh where we found a seat for a short break It was at this point the rain started . Through West Farleigh and back down the near the river We all agreed to take the longer route that was to Wateringbury . We were told by our leader that there was a café there but he lied . At Wateringbury we stopped for another break then onwards along the riverside back to our cars at Teston Just over 4 hours
Teston Bridge Start Of Walk

East Farleigh In Background

East Farleigh

In East Farleigh

East Farleigh Church

Coffee Break At West Farleigh

West Farleigh

Overlooking Teston

New Foal

Waiting For Someone To Slip

Wateringbury Sun Breaking Through

Wateringbury From The Bridge

Back At Teston


  1. Cracking photos but those labelled 'Barming' are in fact 'East Farleigh'

    1. Cheers Adam I knew I would get something wrong Ray

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