Paleolithic rock shelter.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thames River Trip Reconnaissance.

A trip to the centre of the universe to check out the fares/venues/locations/times etc for a planned trip later this year ,when some of the tourists have stayed at home.
2 for 1 rail fares and 2 for 1 Roamer ticket on the Thames Clipper cost us about £17 all in.
Thats a saving of  £132 on our last fortnights activities.
Lots of interaction ,lots to look at,lots going on,a baguette and a coffee from the Embankment and a concert in the gardens .Hot and sunny by now ,having arrived by Hydrofoil.
A look around tate Modern where I tried out my Francais on a startled French teacher and made her blush.You don't want to hear what we thought of the exhibits.I complained to an attendant about the quality of the woodwork on one exhibit,to be told that it was actaully bronze.
We caught the fast clipper back to Greenwich(30 knots)and just got on a train before chaos ensued,caused by a lineside fire.A good day out.
Time spent in reconnaissance is never wasted
Oh yes
and we visited the spot where Bob Dylan made

Someone had the sense to cover his spare tyre for the photo.

Also available as a 2 for 1 entry
Head in the Clouds
The Cormoran a French Patrol Boat Fishery protection,OUR CRAFT COULD DO 7 KNOTS FASTER THAN THIS VESSEL
Gullivers remains uncovered by Archaeologits

Thats 50 feet high.
These pillars were from the 1864 bridge to St Pauls railway station and were utilised in the construction of the new Blackfriars station actually built ON the bridge
I did ask"Does anyone ever rearrange the items?"
The WALKIE TALKIE building during an earthquake
The turbine hall at tate modern
Sam Wannamakers heritage gift to the  nation
The old girl lifted her skirts and blasted up the Thames at 30Kts

HMS Belfast or GB2RN I have worked on the morse key

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