Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


No walk was planned this week so a family get together was arranged at Broadstairs but as it was such a lovely day I just took a few photos to post
We met at Gordon two sheds abode and after a lovely cuppa we walked from the centre of Broadstairs towards Margate walking as close to the top of the cliffs as we could .
Past the famous 39 steps to Joss Bay , along side golf course to Kingsgate on onto the next bay . Here as it was midday and very hot we simply turned round and retraced our steps . This called for a stop for lunch at The Captain Digby ( Aussie Wendy do you remember this  ) paid for by our eldest member then back to the starting point for a much needed cold drink and slice of home made cake
Joss Bay

Joss Bay Looking Towards Broadstairs

Family Gathering

Capt Digby Good Place For Lunch

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