Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014


Minus our former headmaster but welcoming the return of our leader , after missing two weeks walk five of us met up on an overcast day at Doddington Church
We left the car park and walked along side the lovely church with its unusual name, look at the photo of its name board
Across the lovely area outside Doddington Gardens into the woods , following the path to Sharsted Court . Then following the leader, as always we made our way to Lynsted The fact this route went through a Cherry Orchard was just accidental Then on to  Loyterton  Farm following the public footpaths . . At the farm we had to keep to the roads for a short stretch then cutting across a ripening corn field, that was a public footpath we eventually made it back to Shartsted Court and finally Doddington Church . A walk we have done a few times but always enjoyable

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