Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

North Downs Way bike Ride

We met Funfzig Deutchlanders on bike coming the other way who were not Links Fahren(ing)

The map's out,a bad sign

Typical of the North Downs way

A lovely cafe where,despite not having bacon sandwiches on the menu,they did us an Egg and Ham sandwich and a pot of tea.
East Malling to Charing by train,stopping at B/Stead and alighting at Charing.Breakfast in the Village and then up the great big hill to the NDW.A hot day a bit tiring ,very bumpy but exciting and dangerous.
We stopped at the Dirty Habit for a half pint and a bag of crisps,then down to B/Sted station for the train back to EM.3 of us ,20 miles with all the fiddly bits.
This video should lift your spirits.

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