Paleolithic rock shelter.

Sunday, August 10, 2014


On a sunny saturday before the promised storm, 4 of us intrepids met on the train at West Malling where Roxy(the star of the show)was a big hit with the Polish Girls in the vicinity.
Detraining at Oftord we walked through the noisy village to the Darent river footpoath and up through the golf course ,where,at the top a mistake was made,and we deviated from the plan a little.In the village of Shoreham we visited the excellent MUSEUM ,which was everything a museum should be,
enthusiastic staff,well informed,a good shop,and bacon sandwich doorsteps, click the link.
Up the steep hill to the crucifix cut in the grass,and then along the top of the ridge to the golf course(yes another)After this Roxy was off the lead and running ahead for a while.Turning back down towards the river and arriving at the Roman Villa vistor centre,we decided that a pub was needed,so an extra mile to the village of Lullingstone,to the Plough where we had a couple of beers and some fries.
We then started the long(flat)trek back,stopping at the Hop Farm for an ice cream(v nice)then another pub in Shoreham Ye Olde George Inne  ,then across another golf course and a Cricket game in progress,down the gentle gradient to Otford wher(you guessed it)another pub,The Crown another 15th century one.Then  the train back(a 4 minute wait)I reckonn 15 miles 4+Roxy
Stunning views,lovely day,good company,sore feet.
Does my Bum look big in this?

More Testosterone than you could shake a stick at.

Round up the usual suspects.

I think the Roxy is embarrassed with good cause.

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  1. B.Shaw4:55 PM

    Good to see that Roxy had a good day. If you ever need a little walking companion she's always up for a ramble!