Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hucking Woodlands Trust

The last few months seem to have been very hit and miss with our walks with a lot cancelled due to weather or lack of bods
This week was an exception in we had a full house of six who met up at Hucking Woodland Trust car park on a slightly overcast day and following days of heavy rain very muddy underfoot
We set of by crossing the road and into the fields full of friendly sheep
After heading North through the fields we followed the footpath that then led us up the first of many steep hills . Basically followed the footpaths to four acres farm, Bixnor and up even more steep hills back to Hucking . The orchards we full of fruit already for harvesting I guess in the next few days

Just One Of The Many Steep Hills

Yes Another Steep Hill

And He Did Not Share It

We Made Loads Of New Friends

Mystery Fruit

Just Back From France (get him to tell you about it ) Now Enjoying Kent Fruit

Already For Picking

Waiting With Camera For Him To Fall

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