Paleolithic rock shelter.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hene Bay

On a Thursday for a change 6 of us met up between Whitstable and Tankerton . Changing the day had the bonus in that we were joined by our youngest member who spends more time on holiday than at home . Being half term there were a lot of families enjoying the late summer . Leaving the cliff top in Tankerton we dropped down the cliff to follow the beach line . Even though it was the 30th Oct within a short time we were all wishing we had left our coats in the car . We walked passed al the gaily coloured beach huts to Hampton Pier were GY told us of his childhood growing up ( if he ever did) in that area Following the beach we carried on to Herne Bay , passed the amusements and pier to the clock tower . He we stopped for a drink and something to eat . Then onwards towards Reculver Towers but after a short while we all agreed that was a step to far so we simply retraced our steps . Brilliant weather but rather hard on the legs


Braving a nosebleed we ventured to Essex.With some first class driving thorugh Blean etc we intercepted the M25 at The tunnel approach,missing  a long 4 lane tail back.
The bunker is situated off the main Ongar road at Kelvedon Hatch.Entry was £7,and it was well wort the visit.It was used as a bolt-hole for regional govt in time of war for an alleged 600 people.
I was telling passers-by (whether they wanted to know or not)that I would have been down a bunker at Linton south of Maidstone that looked like HERE feeding info back into the system
Here are a few photos and information.LINK 
there is a walk-round video on the link.
And HERE is an in-house film classified in 1962
The entrance looks a bit cottagey,this is to fool the Soviets

The teleprinter ops look dead already

4 of us through the Dartford Crossing and an excellent 11/10 lunch at the Eagle pub on the A1023

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Chilham to Canterbury along the Stour

One of our reliable favourites RV @ Chilham car park and through the fisheries to Chartham and then along the river in to Canterbury City and Castle Street for breakfast at the Saffron Restaurant.
Followed by the purchase of scones at the bakers then an unfortunate 1 hour wait for the bus.
But a stroll through the market and a cup of coffee made a hole in that.
A 1X bus went all over the place on the way back,but a 3rd class ride etc etc...
An appropriate piece of music

An almost perfect shot of Chilham Village Square (but for the cars)

A sample of the television watching public

You talkin to me?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Doddington Circular walk

I think they are flowering Cherry

The are creatures in the wood just waiting to make a meal of us.

A Private cricket pitch

A very misty dark miserable day,but then the sun appeared at about 10:00 and all the autumn foliage could be appreciated.A little muddy and the grass was wet,but who cares?
Apples were "collected" and Sweet Chestnuts harvested/Gleaned and free range eggs were bought,so someone will get brownie points.
There were 6 of us and we did maybe 5 miles .

THIS piece of music sums it up really.

while we are waiting I will have a bath