Paleolithic rock shelter.

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Braving a nosebleed we ventured to Essex.With some first class driving thorugh Blean etc we intercepted the M25 at The tunnel approach,missing  a long 4 lane tail back.
The bunker is situated off the main Ongar road at Kelvedon Hatch.Entry was £7,and it was well wort the visit.It was used as a bolt-hole for regional govt in time of war for an alleged 600 people.
I was telling passers-by (whether they wanted to know or not)that I would have been down a bunker at Linton south of Maidstone that looked like HERE feeding info back into the system
Here are a few photos and information.LINK 
there is a walk-round video on the link.
And HERE is an in-house film classified in 1962
The entrance looks a bit cottagey,this is to fool the Soviets

The teleprinter ops look dead already

4 of us through the Dartford Crossing and an excellent 11/10 lunch at the Eagle pub on the A1023

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