Paleolithic rock shelter.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bearsted to Wateringbury along the Medway towpath

Mote park ,near the start

The lake is frozen

The towpath near Maidstone

I prefer a Shag,but these might be Cormorants and the collective noun is.....?

Ray I tried to send you  this on my cellfone,but I need a 7 year old to show me how.

On the train coming back £2.80    a bargain

RV at Bearsted,and through Mote Park with an overnight temp of -5C,then  across the river by the law courts .There was no wind,but it was still very cold and we reflected that we had cycled in weather like this,with the added wind chill factor.Through the Market and  on the icy  towpath   to Teston,crossing over and then up the hill following the approved walk,and in to Wateringbury,the Railway pub for a coffee ,10 minute wait for the train back to Maids,then Park and Ride from the top of the town.
2 blokes in excess of 10 miles (with all the add ons).WX=perfect,bright sunshine.
A longish walk,but mostly flat,good going as all the mud was frozen and we kept warm by walking fast.
Maybe in the summer we will use homing instinct and do it in reverse.
Happy New Year  The audience join in,good to hear! click this link

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