Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Arriving at Higham by train,we disembarked (or debarked if you like)and plodded along the canal road/path.A brave soul was working to restore the canal to its 19th century glory all by himself.
It soon started to rain lightly,then heavily .It was very misty and dark ,and we took note of the dire weather warnings from the Met Office.WE passed the Police training school for firearms officers
(no pix,that would be an offence under the Serious and Organise Crimes Act)We met with Mr Dave at the hamburger stall and proceeded through the old waterfront factories(mostly derelict)to the Gravesend Market Cafe for a nice cup of tea.We caught the train home (5 min wait)then the Medway valley train(5 min wait)and then the Park and Ride bus (5 min wait)
The cold wind was now blowing and this dried out ny trousers.
2 chaps  6 miles wet.

Click for a few old pix
 Now go and make youself a nice pot of tea and think yourself lucky that you weren't with us,because we were a bit wet at the end.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Five of us met at Shorne Country Park on a very overcast and damp day, there were a few flurries of snow about but after feasting on home made biscuits  we took just one look at the very inviting cafĂ© and set off on a walk around the area .First through the country park to the outskirts of Shorne then north to join the A256 , rather than take the short and easy option we turned west towards Gravesend . Before we got there we took the muddy footpath to the village of Chalk . Past the church then east along the local roads . Due to the traffic this was not that much fun . Through Higham back to the A256, then through the village of Shorne and back into the country park for a well earned cup of coffee and lots more  of the  home made biscuits supplied by Leas wife the young and lovely Ruth   Sorry photos not that good due to rubbish weather
No idea of distance but guess in the region of 5 to 6 miles
Shorne Country Park at start of walk

Still within the park

Lovely piece of art being spoilt by mindless vandals


Shorne Village

Chalk Parish  Church

Back within Shorne country park on return leg of walk

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


five of us met up in the car park at the beautiful village of Otford on a decent if cold day .
Heading away from Otford we followed the very muddy footpath that cut through the local golf course . This was just a taste of the conditions that made the walking very hard and slippery .
After leaving the golf course we skirted the village of Shoreham and made for Lullingstone Country Park where we stopped for a hot drink and snack
After our well earned rest we slightly retraced our steps but kept to footpaths higher up the valley until we reached Shoreham, here we cut through the village, its church yard and then  back to Otham via the local golf course ,again,

Really nice albeit muddy walk about 6-7 miles I guess

note for some reason in importing the photos they went out of the sequence they were taken

Otford at start of walk

Otford village duck pond Out of sequence taken at end of walk

Otford What a great place to live

Near golf course note muddy conditions

Outskirts of Shoreham

Natures colours


Shoreham Churchyard

Shoreham Church

Just to show the walking conditions