Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, January 07, 2015


on a dry for a change day 5 of us met up beside Faversham creek to try to find a walk that did not include too many muddy bits . From the side of the creek we crossed over the river to the local Brewery then left following the other side of the creek towards the River Swale
Through a working boatyard then across the fields in a NE direction
The paths were muddy and not all that fun to walk along but it was with good company so still enjoyable . Slowly we made our way to Graveney Church where we tarried a while drinking coffess or whatever we had taken
Trying not to retrace our stems we cut across a field towards the railway crossing and it was along this path that the peace was shattered by 2 F16 flying very low West to East and then we watched them loop North and disappear from view
Once across the railway line we made for Goddenstone Farm and its adjacent church
Through the farm and hop field back to Faversham for a welcome drink and cheese scone
About 3hrs so guess 6 or 7 miles
Start point by Faversham Creek

Crossing Faversham Creek Tide Out

Taken especially for JB

Guess Who

Boat Yard

Graveney Church in distance

Graveney Church for tea stop

Some animals are just spoilt

Goodenstone Church

Goodenstone Farm

Goodenstone Church

Entering Faversham

Faversham Church

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