Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Arriving at Higham by train,we disembarked (or debarked if you like)and plodded along the canal road/path.A brave soul was working to restore the canal to its 19th century glory all by himself.
It soon started to rain lightly,then heavily .It was very misty and dark ,and we took note of the dire weather warnings from the Met Office.WE passed the Police training school for firearms officers
(no pix,that would be an offence under the Serious and Organise Crimes Act)We met with Mr Dave at the hamburger stall and proceeded through the old waterfront factories(mostly derelict)to the Gravesend Market Cafe for a nice cup of tea.We caught the train home (5 min wait)then the Medway valley train(5 min wait)and then the Park and Ride bus (5 min wait)
The cold wind was now blowing and this dried out ny trousers.
2 chaps  6 miles wet.

Click for a few old pix
 Now go and make youself a nice pot of tea and think yourself lucky that you weren't with us,because we were a bit wet at the end.

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  1. Good way to clear a hangover!!!!