Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


five of us met up in the car park at the beautiful village of Otford on a decent if cold day .
Heading away from Otford we followed the very muddy footpath that cut through the local golf course . This was just a taste of the conditions that made the walking very hard and slippery .
After leaving the golf course we skirted the village of Shoreham and made for Lullingstone Country Park where we stopped for a hot drink and snack
After our well earned rest we slightly retraced our steps but kept to footpaths higher up the valley until we reached Shoreham, here we cut through the village, its church yard and then  back to Otham via the local golf course ,again,

Really nice albeit muddy walk about 6-7 miles I guess

note for some reason in importing the photos they went out of the sequence they were taken

Otford at start of walk

Otford village duck pond Out of sequence taken at end of walk

Otford What a great place to live

Near golf course note muddy conditions

Outskirts of Shoreham

Natures colours


Shoreham Churchyard

Shoreham Church

Just to show the walking conditions

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