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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Broadstairs to Ramsgate

I don't think most people realise how hard work it is being retired and this was one of those days that proved just that point Four of us travelled to Broadstairs to meet our member for education . The day was not a typical Feb day but sunny and warm with a very slight SW breeze . After meeting up we ambled down to from his house, past Bleak House , then the pier onto the nearly empty beach . Along the beach and into Louisa Bay . He we walked up the steep slope, I said it was hard being retired, to the cliff top. Along the top of the cliffs to Dumpton , through the local park and into Ramsgate . Slowly so as to enjoy the views we made our way to the harbour tried to work out how much the boats were worth . Here we forced ourselves to stop at a local café under the arches for a drink and sausage or bacon roll . Then onwards towards Pegwell Bay but sad to see the rundown docksides . Once again a long climb to the top of the cliffs and basically a slow amble back into Broadstairs for another cuppa and then home
Guess 7 miles or so
Old Broadstairs Life Boat Station

Broadstairs Beach

Broadstairs heading for Ramsgate Note High Tide

Just Into Ramsgate

Ramsgate Harbour in background

Three Wise Monkeys

Old museum now closed try to read signs

In Ramsgate harbour

Working hard at being retired

Pegwell Bay side of Ramsgate Harbour in industrial area

Casino at Ramsgate on return leg of walk

Being artistic

recent cliff falls

Trying to be artistic at request of our headmaster

Local artist note stone pillars

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