Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015


four of us met in the car park at Charing on a very cold morning , after the usual abuse all round we set of through the village , then headed to the North Downs Way . The paths were very muddy so in a few spots we stuck to the adjacent roads After a mile or so we came across some very interesting fungi , it was here the photographer/author found that digital camera are not a lot of good without a memory card installed , I cannot help it if I am getting old . Along the NDW to the Gliding Club and just past here we stopped for a snack and drink Unfortunately this photographer/author sat on a large low branch that was well and truly rotten and ended of laying on the floor . Leaving the Gliding Club we simply made our way back to Charing . Cold but enjoyable walk guess around 7 miles
as I forgot the memory card for the camera, is that's why its called a memory card, there are no decent photos just these few from my phone

Frosty walk, photo from phone

A second ,2 man unit,starting late owing to a dental appt,went via the Wheel Inn at Westwell
Then up to the NDW and across and up to the Gliding Club.The snow pic above doesn't show the CHAD or smiley face etched in the snow or the 4 pairs of boots,one making a slightly less firm indentation,indicating an old foot injury perhaps.We carried on through the woods and completed 9 miles and then retired to the  Rose Tea room,for a pot of tea and an Omlette,and were served by 2 pretty girls (just lookin')sorry for any smelling mistakes.

What the well dressed rambler is wearing this year(to better belnd in)

Snow based graffito


  1. Please note the first group could not afford to eat in a cafe , its the second group that has money to spare

  2. We were casting our metaphorical bread upon the water,and receiving omlettes in return.
    (before the stock market crashes----soon)