Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Six of us met up at the White Horse Country Park at the top of Detling Hill on a cloudy and quite chilly morning
After paying £1.20 for a days parking ( compared with £1.20 per hour at Canterbury ) we set off in a south east direction into the country park .
As usual we soon found out we were on the wrong path so we had to retrace our steps to find the right path .
We followed the local paths and North Downs Way along the top of the hills looking over great views of Kent
It did not take that long before we found a view over the downs were we could stop for a break
It was here I dropped a nice Nikon camera and killed it , hence the reason for not that many photos and the latter ones the settings were not right and I have had to do a bit of editing
The general opinion is that I should not be allowed out on my own
After the break, and breaking camera we set off and soon came across a large group of ramblers and our leader engaged them with a lot of useless facts
Through the outskirts of Hucking then back to the car park ending a good 7 mile walk
 Get Well soon John 
Top of Detling Hill

Oldest member and his helper

Must be hard sleeping on this slope

It was at this point I broke my camera

Above photos stitched together

Taken with broken Nikon

We all needed a rest at this stage

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bishopsbourne Mystery Tour

seven of us old codgers met up at Bishopsbourne Church on a very cold misty morning . Well there should have been seven at the agreed time but our expert map reader, and expert at everything got lost and had to phone for directions .
When he eventually arrived we set off along the footpath by the side of the church and across the fields following the river Great views towards some lovely houses including one where the writer Joseph Conrad lived many moons ago
I would love to say where we went but I have simply no idea and on more than one occasion our leader TC had to admit he had no idea where we were .
The walk was based upon a book of Kent walks but either that was wrong or the reader got it wrong
Into the walk we found a place to sit down for a break and enjoy brilliant homemade biscuits Made by the lovely wife of our member for education
Bishopbourne disused station info link
Hopefully our leader will look up where we went and I will add it later
About 9 miles , here are the photos but really need editing/improving but too lazy at moment

Here is the route we took according to our leader and added later

St Mary' church BISHOPSBOURNE ,Bourne House, Middle pett farm, Pett Bottom, gorsley wood, between Gorsley House and Langham Park Barn we done about an extra 2 miles then back on track to follow route back to BISHOPSBOURNE.

Bishopsbourne Church The Starting Point

Church with famous stained glass window

Poor photos does not do the interior justice

In background house where Joseph Conrad used to live

Old railway bridge over the Eden Valley Railway Line now no longer there

Guess what another hill

In this area there were a lot of trees that had fallen down

Coffee stop

Brilliant biscuits made by young Ruth

Have a closer look as to what they are

Lost again

Bishopsbourne railway station now converted to some ones house