Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Six of us met up at the White Horse Country Park at the top of Detling Hill on a cloudy and quite chilly morning
After paying £1.20 for a days parking ( compared with £1.20 per hour at Canterbury ) we set off in a south east direction into the country park .
As usual we soon found out we were on the wrong path so we had to retrace our steps to find the right path .
We followed the local paths and North Downs Way along the top of the hills looking over great views of Kent
It did not take that long before we found a view over the downs were we could stop for a break
It was here I dropped a nice Nikon camera and killed it , hence the reason for not that many photos and the latter ones the settings were not right and I have had to do a bit of editing
The general opinion is that I should not be allowed out on my own
After the break, and breaking camera we set off and soon came across a large group of ramblers and our leader engaged them with a lot of useless facts
Through the outskirts of Hucking then back to the car park ending a good 7 mile walk
 Get Well soon John 
Top of Detling Hill

Oldest member and his helper

Must be hard sleeping on this slope

It was at this point I broke my camera

Above photos stitched together

Taken with broken Nikon

We all needed a rest at this stage

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