Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I have insufficient clout to persuade the College that I  am related to them by Horticultural ties ,and they turned me down for parking.So ,we had to park on the very busy High Street.
A circular(in some sense)walk over by the,then across,and down to the .At the half way mark we sat on West Peckham green and ate our sandwiches,and held forth.It was lovely and sunny and a couple of us complained about the heat(old people complain a lot don't they?)A footpath was blocked by a wire and steel fence barrier ,so we had to climb over a barbed wire fence,but that was exciting.
I bought a couple of belgian buns at the bakers in the village which I am eating as I type this rubbish.
There were no cameras this week so I have purloined some pix-so there.
6 miles 6 chaps dry and sunny.
As you can see the tower leans a bit.
This was used as a basis for group discussions on which way was best.

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