Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


This week 7 of us met in the car park at Chilham and with the sun shining we set off up the hill into the square at Chilham village This is always one of the sites that could only be in England
As we have been here many times before we did not slow down to admire the many Tudor buildings but well worth a visit
A quick glance at the "castle" and down School Hill to Mountain Rd that goes past the back of the Castle . This is rather a long road but leads past a very nice house build in about 1450 Then onto Kings Wood By now the clouds covered the sky and we lost a lot of the real beauty of the bluebells
We chose this walk to see these Bluebells but although a lot were out I think it will be a lot better in a week or so
Basically we just wandered through the woods before returning to Chilham In all just over 7 miles
Just Outside Chilham Square

Chilham Square and Church

Rear of Chilham Castle

Mountain Rd

Kings Wood

Break Time

Just 3 of the above photos stitched together

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