Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, June 03, 2015


This week in good weather 8 of us met up at the nature reserve at Stodmarsh, near Canterbury . There was a slight delay as two of our crew thought they would go the long way round via Ashford but there is no cure for idiots
We had simply intended to do the circular walk around the reserve but a long section is closed for essential see wall repairs so it was a matter of walk one way as far as we could retrace steps then do another section Hence not a great distance only about 5.5 miles
Good views of Marsh Harrier and two of our group got fleeting glimpse of a kingfisher in flight

Looking for what add your own caption

River Stour ?

Did try to get a lift but no luck

The following have been added later and are from a better photographer but out of squence


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