Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


RV @ Carpark by bridge,then off along the Medway ,crossing over at East Farleigh ,up the hill,through the pear orchards we rested twice ,once on a village green .A walk of about 5 miles,greyish not too
hot,quite pleasant.5 chaps (2 off sick GWS)
Manet? no nude I'm afraid .

Thanks for the biscuits Ruth,we were only 5,so were unable to do them justice.Could you provide a hot drink and maybe some cucumber sandwiches and some fancy cakes and vol-au-vents,followed by trifle and cream?

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


8 this week met at the car park by Doddington Church Only JB missing , hurry on back JB I need someone sensible to talk to
Rather a damp overcast start we set off past Doddington Church then through Sharsted Woods on following the footpaths to Lynsted Park It was near here we stopped for a short break and to admire the lovely cherries in the public orchard A really nice spot to sit and enjoy the Kent countryside . Forcing ourselves to get moving we walked into the village of Lynsted and took the footpath opposite the local Church .This led us to Loyerton Farm and onto Champions Court By now the sun had shown its self and it became very hot and hard going We had a much needed rest and being all men put the world to rights . Onwards now really feeling the heat we went via Sharsted Court, the woods and eventually Doddington Church and our cars
We were told by TC it would be about 5 1/2 miles and I know we did divert from the plan we ended up walking about 8.25 miles
Doddington Church at start of walk

Parl leading to Doddington Gardens

Tea Break In Local Public Orchard

Trying To Read Notices And Get Educated

Lynsted Church

Typical Kent Orchard

Gordon Doing His Special Wave For Our Cousin From Down Under The Lovely Wendy Lady

Sharsted Court

Back Through Sharsted Woods


Wednesday, July 08, 2015


just five us met up at Oare Creek near Faversham on a very overcast type day . After a very false start we found the right path and walked north along the side of Oare Creek Past a lot of boats and boat yards All looking rather sad with the tide at virtually its lowest level .
Eventually reaching the River Swales we followed the path stopping to look at the last remains of the Gunpowder Factory . Around here we debated whether to cut inland and take the short route back to the car or carry on following the river to Conyer We made the wrong choice and took the long way back via Conyer At this stage I did not know one of our group had a damaged foot but being a brave soul he kept quite Taking this path we eventually made Conver where the majority stopped in the local pub for a quick drink Then it was a matter of cutting across country to Luddenham Church and back to our cars It was here we were treated to a very large slice of sponge cake made by a very lovely young lady named Helen In all about 11.6 miles but very tiring
Oare Creek

Davington Church In The Distance

River Swale

The Old Harty Ferry

Tools From The Past

Remains Of Gunpowder Factory

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Luddenham Church

Oare Creek Just A few Of Above Stitched Together