Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015


6 of us met up on a very humid morning in the car park near Doddington Church , it was great that Mr JC was one of the 6 and he has not been able to join us for some time He was especially welcome in that he keeps Barry in check
We took the public footpath that starts in the corner of the car park , it was then apparent that what we thought was going to be easy going was dead the opposite . The corn field had just been harvested and we were forced to walk over short stubble which is not very comfortable Then the next field had been ploughed and that was harder We eventually arrived at the parish church of Kingsdown Onwards to Torrey Hill then back to Doddington after calling into a plum orchard only to find we were a few weeks too early
A very tiring 6.25 miles

Kingsdown Church

Harvested Field

Typical Modern Kent Orchard

Wonder How Long Since This Last Started

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