Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Herne Bay

Once again this weeks walk was called off as all the weather forecast were for very heavy rain all day
and as last week the fear that the lady Wendy from the land of the upside down people would begin firing off e mails of complaint four of us met up for a stroll . She will say that if the Aussies can play rugby then us pommy whimps can face a bit of the wet stuff We met up at Hampton pier and got dressed up in our wet weather gear . Guess what , not a drop of rain and the sun came out . A pleasant stroll along the front , past Herne Bay towards Reculver . When we got fed up we simply turned round and retraced our steps but via a very nice cafĂ© Are you happy now Wendy
5.75 very enjoyable miles
Beach Huts near Hampton Pier

Hampton Pier in background

Herne Bay pier in the distance

Herne Bay pier

Clock Tower just refurbished Note spots of rain on lens

3 Wise Men , Wendy all your relations

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Our walk this week was called off due to forecast of very heave rain . I knew if we did not do something that could be put in the blog then I would get a e mail from Wendy lady from Australia calling us all a lot of pommy whimps So being frightened of this young lady 3 of us met up in the rain at Tankerton then simply walked to and through Whitstable and back . although raining all the time a very pleasant walk of about 5 miles . Made better by the stop for a sausage sarnie and coffee on the way back
The photos are not very good simply due to the weather but they do prove we walked , so Wendy from Oz is that OK


Whitstable Harbour

You can see the rain on the lens

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


this week six of ignored the weather forecast that promised rain, rain and a bit more rain and all met up at Bishopsbourne Chruch and despite the weather lady it was overcast but dry .
We set up through the lovely church yard into the fields beyond
This is where we went as described by our leader as I simply have no idea

Through church yard, cross Nail Bourne stream to Bourne Park Road, pass Bourne House and turn up track on your left.Follow track over hill to Pett Bottom Lane, turn left then right up track to Whitehill Wood. Follow track through wood to Little Eaton Farm, cross road and follow track along edge of Gorsley Wood until you reach Crows Camp Road.Turn left to top of hill then right along track to Tarmac lane turn left and go as far as Langham Park Barn, turn right up track and halfway across field take track on left which leads us back to Bishopsbourne.

What he has not mentioned is that there were lots of hills , it rained very hard from about the halfway point and the route included lots of very muddy fields Saying that it was still a very enjoyable walk
Six of us and 7.5 miles

Next week Doddington

Bishopsbourne Church at an angle for effect

This was at full flow last time we were here

Think Constable Could Paint This One

Old railway bridge

Yet another hill

Tea Break

Guess what they are

Were you right

Yup another hill

Two very well trained dogs

Wednesday, October 07, 2015


a very overcast damp start to the day when 8 of us met up near the village hall of Chartham . We set off walking along the towpath of the river Stour towards Canterbury and although not the best of weathers this is always a very lovely walk
Just before we got to the outskirts of Canterbury we cut North following the edge of the fields and then the railway line .
We had to find the crossing over the railway still heading North towards the A2 . Passing through a few orchards we were surprised at the amount of fruit still on the trees . Eventually after a lot of brilliant map reading by TC we came to Blean Ancient Woodlands  were we stopped for a break and chat to a lovely lady dog walker
Then going along the outskirts of No Mans Orchard  we came to the North Downs Way , this via a few muddy fields eventually brought us to Chartham Hatch then eventually the lovely village of Chartham and back to the RV point
Although the sun never really came out it was very warm and about 7.5 miles
Start of walk River Stour on right

3 Wise Men

Coffee Break

Winter Is Just Around The Corner

Spot Father Christmas