Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015


a very overcast damp start to the day when 8 of us met up near the village hall of Chartham . We set off walking along the towpath of the river Stour towards Canterbury and although not the best of weathers this is always a very lovely walk
Just before we got to the outskirts of Canterbury we cut North following the edge of the fields and then the railway line .
We had to find the crossing over the railway still heading North towards the A2 . Passing through a few orchards we were surprised at the amount of fruit still on the trees . Eventually after a lot of brilliant map reading by TC we came to Blean Ancient Woodlands  were we stopped for a break and chat to a lovely lady dog walker
Then going along the outskirts of No Mans Orchard  we came to the North Downs Way , this via a few muddy fields eventually brought us to Chartham Hatch then eventually the lovely village of Chartham and back to the RV point
Although the sun never really came out it was very warm and about 7.5 miles
Start of walk River Stour on right

3 Wise Men

Coffee Break

Winter Is Just Around The Corner

Spot Father Christmas


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