Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Herne Bay

Once again this weeks walk was called off as all the weather forecast were for very heavy rain all day
and as last week the fear that the lady Wendy from the land of the upside down people would begin firing off e mails of complaint four of us met up for a stroll . She will say that if the Aussies can play rugby then us pommy whimps can face a bit of the wet stuff We met up at Hampton pier and got dressed up in our wet weather gear . Guess what , not a drop of rain and the sun came out . A pleasant stroll along the front , past Herne Bay towards Reculver . When we got fed up we simply turned round and retraced our steps but via a very nice cafĂ© Are you happy now Wendy
5.75 very enjoyable miles
Beach Huts near Hampton Pier

Hampton Pier in background

Herne Bay pier in the distance

Herne Bay pier

Clock Tower just refurbished Note spots of rain on lens

3 Wise Men , Wendy all your relations

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