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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Caymer Park and beyond

Only five of us this week met up at Caymer Park near Meaphom on a very windy morning , after all the rain it was obvious from the start it was going to be very muddy underfoot
I will insert a description of where we walked when our leader for the day sends it to me, I never have the faintest idea where we have been
All I do know is the tea shop was closed so much for leaders planning

This added later from our leader for the day

Starting out from Camer Park we travelled towards Sole Street. After crossing the Sole Street railway bridge we joined the Wealdway and followed this as far as Ifield Court where we took a path across the field towards Jeskyns Park. Joining the road running towards New Cottages we then took another path which took us to Jeskyns Road and the route into Cobham. On arrival at Cobham Church we took the regulatory lunch without the regulatory sandwiches in anticipation of refreshments at Daffs Cafe at the end of the route. Eager to enjoy a bacon sandwich we set off across the orchard and over the main railway line to Victoria. We were rewarded with a  muddy field of cabbages which led to us rejoining the Wealdway for about ten metres.  We then took the path which led back into Camer Park. Upon arrival at the carpark we were bitterly disappointed to find that Daffs Cafe was closed - good planning or what!. 

Looking for his friend Mr Carter

You tell me how a car wing got up the tree

Another bit of a car

Look carefully and you can see the car wing up the tree in the middle of the photo

Lots of Blots On The Landscape

Heading to the other side of the field

Just to prove we made it

Leather Bottle in Cobham

St Marys Church Cobham

In The Grounds Of The Church

Apple Orchard

Yet another stain on our countryside

Nearly ready for the supermarket

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