Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, December 09, 2015


virtually to the day 10 years ago 3 of us friends thought it would be a good idea to take a walk once a week usually in Kent and so the group was formed
Soon others joined and at that time we walked somewhere in the region of 15 miles a day  , over time others joined us and some left Even now on a week by week basis we never know who is going to walk .
Most of these walks have been in the Kent countryside but we do wander into adjacent counties or London and even a day in Paris . One thing that has slightly changed in time is the distance , now with us all 10 years older we tend to take our time and walk in the region of 8 miles or less
Today as it was our anniversary and nearly Christmas we met up at the abode of one of our more educated walkers to be met by his young and lovely wife .
He then led us on a walk on various footpaths and fields all in the area of Meopham and Cobham but unfortunately I did not take much notice therefore cannot describe it here .At the end of 6 miles we retired back to his house where we were royally treated to a table full of cakes and biscuits all home made all made by his wife to wish we give our thanks
Roughly 6 miles walk in the sunshine
Any idea why this unconnected gate is in the middle of a field

A pair of Shetland ponies

Barry with carer

Victorian letter box still in use

Note conditions underfoot

Table full of brilliant food

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