Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


On a cold frosty morning with the air temperature of minus 2C five of us met at the car park in Charing .We then walked to the local railway station where we had to try to work the ticket machine which for us old codgers was hard work Here we caught the train to Harrietsham just two stops along the line
At Harrietsham we left the train and headed North along the footpath to Harrietsham Church , followed the footpath skirting the church to eventually meet the North Downs Way 
This proved to be very muddy and made the walking really hard but all we could do is follow the NDW , stopping for a short tea break by the cross on the hill near Lenham After the brief stop is was just a matter of keeping to the NDW until we arrived back at Charing Total of 8.13 miles but hard walking do to conditions underfoot
Due to the fact this walk is described better in earlier blogs along with better photographs I did not take many photos this time
Harrietsham Church

Harrietsham Church trying to be artistic especially for GY

Memorial Cross outside Lenham

The only dry bit of the NDW near Charing

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