Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Bluebell Hill

First things first All the best to our fellow walker Mr JB and his move into his new home , Wishing you and Mrs B lots of happiness in your new abode
Now to the lovely Wendy , the lady from the land of the upside down people , thought you would like to know the temperature was just above zero and with a strong North wide it was cold
Six of us met up the view point and car park at Bluebell Hill just North of Maidstone , leaving the car park we headed West until we met the turning for the Robin Hood pub then simply kept to the foot path the led down in the general direction of the M2 motorway . Despite the recent rains this path was not that muddy . Eventually just before the M2 we followed the path West until the Medway bridge came into view in the distance
Although the path continued West at the farm we took the South path but it soon became obvious the this  was very uphill as far as we could see Being hardy souls we put our heads down and plodded onwards At one stage we took a slight diversion into the woods simply to get away from the biting North wind This path eventually arrived back at the RV point . 6 1/2 miles plus
Our first turning point

Woods in winter

Down hill part of the walk you can see they are leaving me behind

M2 Medway bridge

You can just see the River Medway

Looking south from the top of Bluebell Hill

Just 3 of the above photos stitched together