Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


first   things first good afternoon Carolyn from Missoula Montana lovely to see someone somewhere is reading this blog Have noticed cousin Gordon has been replying to your comments
This week 6 of us met up at the village of Chilham , Well actually old age has given a bit of common sense, not a lot, and we drove through the village square past the castle and straight to the edge of Kings Wood .
This was to save a couple of miles walking along a narrow road , To start our "Bluebell " walk we first had to walk up a long steep hill . This caused a slight problem with our oldest member in that somehow he had brought boots of different sizes . Don't ask put it down to old age and a hard life . When we got to the edge of Kings wood we could just see carpets of lovely Bluebells . We followed the footpaths to do a circular walk around and through the woods The down the hill past Godmersham Hall and Park back to the cars . Rather than rush home we simply drove to nearby garden centre for a drink and those with money something to eat Only 5 miles but in bright sunshine and taken slowly
Start of walk in Kings Wood

YES? Anybody? notice anything?

In Far Far distance you should me able to see Canterbury

This is the best way to do a walk !!

It was here we stopped for a drinks break

Trying to be artistic

Godmersham Hall and Park, look it up on internet

Near end of the walk

Just some of the above stitched together

The following better photos are from Gordon who for once brought his camera
Our oldest walker


  1. Anonymous5:12 PM

    In the last of the above photos, the small dot in the centre of the horizon is Canterbury Cathedral. Similarly, between the two tress on the horizon of the 4th of the "Gordon pictures", is Canterbury Cathedral. Look closely and you can see him waving - he appears to have spilt his morning coffee down his shirt. Gordon

  2. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Who? The Archbishop, of course!