Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Halstow and River Medway

just four old codgers this week parked the car at Halstow on a day the weather lady said was going to be overcast and we dressed accordingly Wrong choice Sun out and very warm all of us leaking before we had taken more than a few steps
We set of onto the public footpath that leads direct to the River Medway where unfortunately it was low tide . basically we followed the sea wall west through Twinney to the sailing club at Ham Green where we turned inland following the road and paths to the fishing lake at Upchurch Here we found a drop of shade and stopped for a much needed rest . Then along the road into Upchurch village where we were lucky enough to find a shop that sold ice creams . Onwards across the fields back to Halstow
Very hot day and about 5.5 miles
Halstow at start of walk

River Medway

Kingsferry bridge in the distance

in house garden at Ham Green

Fishing lake at Upchurch

Upchurch Parish Church

Mother and foal

We don't think this foal is very old

Needs a little bit of TLC

Back in Halstow

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Harvel Hike from Trosley Country Park

we should have listened to the weather lady and stayed at home but 6 of us met up at Trosley Country Park . there was already a drizzle in the air and if we had any sense we would have gone straight into the café
Instead directed by our leader for the day we started off on what is known as The Harvel Hike , this description as be taken from a leaflet of the same name From the car park, we headed down the sloped path, past the notice board. Turning left we followed the path (North Downs Way) through the trees to Vigo Rugby Club. At the boundary of the sports field with the woodland, we turned left over the stile. Crossing the rugby pitches diagonally to the opposite corner. Then we turned left opposite Well House, to join a footpath through a small woodland. From the woodland, crossing the open field to the corner of another small woodland to the right.  We then Turned right onto the road  and followed it to the centre of Harvel Village at the T junction with the Amazon and Tiger public house opposite we went  through the village. At the end of the green turned left, following the way mark sign for a bridle path. Following the Wealdway signs, we went  through the gate and the hedge beyond.  As the path opens to a large field, we left the Wealdway, following the hedge line at the right of the field and downhill. At the bottom of the hill, turned  right along Wrangling Lane. This track passes through woodland then down a steep slope to the North Downs Way. Turning  right at the wooden bollards we followed  the North Downs Way. It was then a matter of joining the North Downs Way through the park to return to the visitor centre. Here we did what we should have done at the start and had a cup of tea What is not shown in the borrowed description is that for most of the 8 mile walk it rained then rained some more making the going really hard and slippery
Sorry no decent photos simply it rained too hard to try to take any photos
Start of walk and already raining

Does not show how muddy it was

Even the ducks we keeping out of the rain

On village green

You can see the rain on the lens

Did try to show the water running down the hill