Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


As I have mentioned in other post that this year we have cancelled a lot of walks mainly due to rubbish weather . When we do I get an e mail from a very lovely very young lady by the name of Wendy who lives in Australia . So fear got the better of us this week , the weather lady said it was going to rain but being scared of Wendy four of us met up on a very cloudy morning at Conyer . From here we skirted the boatyard and followed the Conyer Creek north . Where the creek met the River Swale we stopped for 5 minutes to watch a seal apparently looking for his dinner . Following the River Swale we walked east until we came to the site of the redundant Elmley Ferry where we halted for a tea break Then inland to Blacketts farm where we took the footpath back to Conyer By now weather had become very humid and mad it hard going 7.25 miles
Boatyard at Conyer

Conyer Creek

River Swale at Elmley

Swale Crossing Bridge in distance (dark photo due to camera setting being wrong)

Relation born in this cottage 90 years ago

Return leg Conyer in the distance

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