Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


It was supposed to be a stroll in to the castle grounds and a cup of coffee,but morphed into a walk
that went hither and thither. Je ne regret rien though,WX was a little rainy drizzly and grey threatening clouds,temp OK and a bit humid,lots of long grass,weeds,and hay.7 of us lots of information being exchanged,some of it reliable.One of our intrepids missed the motorway turn and went to Ashford
and had to come back.We went through Broomfield and Chegworth and back to the Ashford road then back in to the Castle Grounds,where we saved the princely sum of £189 on entrance fees.We stopped off for a coffee and sandwich ,so they could recover some of the lost profit.
All a bit tiring,they are going to have to screw the coffin lid down well when the time comes,
as I am so fit now.7 miles?
It can be a little damp when hiking so be prepared.

A wasp nest was chosen to sit on.
How do you spell plagiarism?

Have some nice music-its FREE
Click the above link and put your speakers on.
or maybe this JAZZ FUNK with some slap base.
or maybe this  from the late 80's

Au Revoir

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