Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016


this is one of our fall back walks that we have done many times . Only 6 miles but enjoyable so on a very hot day 5 of us met at the Selling railway station , then crossed the bridge and followed the footpath across the field to enter the wood opposite and joined one of the many hills on  this walk There is not a lot I can report in the way of locations but we basically wandered the footpaths Those through the wood were very enjoyable as the trees gave us a welcome break from the sun . This was a circular walk so ended up back at the station
Trying to capture the rainbow effect

Pears not ready yet

Tea stop

Pumpkins in the distance

Just one more steep hill

Apple orchard but not ready yet

Typical Kent Scene

New houses next to Selling station

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


On a really hot day six of us met up at Hoath to try a walk none of us had tried before so it was left to our leader to map read . Setting off from the church at Hoath we set of to Chislet where we spent a bit of time looking round the local church . From here we set off across the fields to Nethgong Penn . By now the sun was really making us all rather too warm so when we got to Grove Ferry we stopped by the side of the River Stour for a much needed rest and snack . Onwards to Upstreet , back by circular route back to Nethgong Penn , Chislet, and back to Hoath . Although only 8 miles the hot weather made to seem a lot more

Nethgong Penn

Grove Ferry, River Stour