Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


On a really hot day six of us met up at Hoath to try a walk none of us had tried before so it was left to our leader to map read . Setting off from the church at Hoath we set of to Chislet where we spent a bit of time looking round the local church . From here we set off across the fields to Nethgong Penn . By now the sun was really making us all rather too warm so when we got to Grove Ferry we stopped by the side of the River Stour for a much needed rest and snack . Onwards to Upstreet , back by circular route back to Nethgong Penn , Chislet, and back to Hoath . Although only 8 miles the hot weather made to seem a lot more

Nethgong Penn

Grove Ferry, River Stour

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  1. One of my favourite parts of Kent. My son and I have been camping at Nethergong many times.