Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


luckily the mist cleared as four of us met up on the sea front on the North edge of Deal .We simply took the coastal path and headed along the edge of the golf course in the direction of Sandwich  By now the sun was out and it was like a summers day . After about 2 miles we cut in land to the RSPB centre where we were made very welcome and stopped for a tea break . After a chat about which route to take , the long or the short one and being brave and senile we chose the long one . This took us along the road to the outskirts of Sandwhich the following the river we headed back to the coast and then to the start point About 10.5 miles
Start of walk near Deal

WW2 Pill Box on golf course

Coastal path heading north

River just on edge of Sandwich

Coast in the distance

Looking North towards Ramsgate

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  1. 'River just on edge of Sandwich' is a stunning photo. Well done.