Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Walk Hucking 30 Nov 2016
Exactly 5 miles and 5 walkers.
We arrived to a fine layer of frost everywhere.  It was cold but a cloudless
sky and very little breeze made it a delightful walk.  The hard frost
ensured no cleaning mud off boots would be required at the end of the trek.
We were accompanied by Zak the Dog who announced himself with a launch into
the Youngest Member's spectaculars causing a great cry of alarm.  This was,
of course, met with great sympathy in the form of loud guffaws and hoots of
laughter.  He (the dog) then snatched and ran off with your author's hat.
Thankfully, his owner, The Senior Member, demonstrated the calm canine
skills of the experienced dog trainer by galloping round the field after him
shouting "Come 'ere you little....!!".  Eventually, aided by copious bribes
with dog treats, the hat was recovered and replaced upon your author's head.
Such japes and merriment put us in good heart as we trooped off through the
Hucking Estate.  
We passed the impressive wood carving of the shepherd tending his sheep.
Later in the walk we able to admire similar delightful carvings of a family
of wild boar.  All the obvious puns relating to boars and bores on these
walks will be taken as read and left to the Reader's imagination.
There were several eye catching sights of hoar frost along the lower grounds
in places where the sun could not shine (NB that's not meant to be a double
The trip concluded with an enthusiastic anticipation of next week's walk
which will conclude at the Youngest Member's house where we are to be
tempted by the wonderful Ruth's baking.  It's nearly Christmas, aft

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  1. Samantha and Luke Young6:00 PM

    My son and I went to Estate today 27th July 2016. We walked along the drove way once used Herdsman route 1600AD road to take us to the view point where the wooden shepherd is looking over the North Downs way.
    The pens in the middle of the meadow has mature grown trees now.
    The pub is looking nice with horse watering stations outside it.
    Going back soon to explore the paths in the woodland we missed took the bridal way instead.